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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Serving Southeast Texas in Beaumont, Texas
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Try Our Brazilian Wax Beaumont, Texas


It isn't just about what we remove, it's about what we leave behind. . . Healthy skin! Unlike traditional methods of waxing, our hair removal product sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50%! Our wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness and downtime for the client; making painful waxing a thing of the past! We are ready to do your Brazilian Wax, Lip Wax, Brow Wax, Rio Bikini Wax and anywhere you want hair removal done the safe and healthy way!

Facial & Full Body Hair Removal 

Best Brazilian Wax Beaumont, TX
  • $17…Brow

  • $24….Lip & Brow

  • $30….Half Check

  • $45….Full Face

  • $75….Back Wax

  • $55 and up….Bikini

  • $15….Ears/Nose

  • $60 and up….Chest

  • $60 and up….Arm Full

  • $65 and up….Rio Bikini

  • $80 and up….Brazilian

  • $60 and up….Half Leg

  • $90 and up….Full Leg

  • $30….Underarm

  • $65 and up….Back

  • $35….Arm Half

  • $10 & up…. Shaping Extra

  • $75….Back Wax

  • $40….Full Check

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Eyebrow Wax
With our hair removal products

• Less Painful: Our product adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Clients report virtually no pain! Our #1 comment received!

• Never Sticky: Clients love the remarkable results and their ultra smooth and soft skin.

• Less Redness: With its ingredients and gentle hair removal, our product ensures less inflammation and redness.

• Less Ingrown Hairs: Our product removes all hair from its root, avoiding ingrown hairs.

• Long Lasting: Client results can last 2 – 4 weeks. Up to 4 – 6 with regular waxing. Not only do clients return, they recommend friends.

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